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How can AdminDone help you now?

If you want to know...

If you are in business, big or small, you know admin work is taking far too long, seizing time and energy which you really need to put towards bringing in the money.

To make matters worse, modern admin work has changed. So much now is automated but that doesn’t mean the work has gone away – it’s just different. Data entry, writing emails for CRMs and autoresponders and making sure they are loaded correctly, managing the website, scheduling calendars, calling prospects and clients, each task needing different people with different skills to make it happen. It takes a big business to employ and manage the team needed to cover all these roles full time. Not something most SME’s in Australia can manage.

Let us help

AdminDone is a professional, cost-effective business admin service which you use as required.

We have a team of data entry specialists, general admin workers, social media whizzes, and people to manage the technology and writing behind your CRMs and autoresponders, websites, social media and more.

You use just as much of our team’s time you need – no more and no less.
We take on big and small jobs, manage our team to get it done in a timely fashion with a cheery and professional finish.

You give us the work

We check for quality control

We do what you need

And send it back to you DONE

Our Services



Looking for the long list of general admin work to be done – managing meetings, travel, email, calendar, appointment reminders



Looking after Social Media, loading YouTube with those edited videos or maybe just looking after phones and providing customer care



Having the books done, articles, reports or operations written or just formatting a page or creating that spreadsheet or table



Getting emails into your CRM, do data entry, manage the website, do some SEO or manage your filing systems, both physical and digital



Good, reliable, professional consultants to help with operations, marketing, branding, legals, financial management, training

The Way We Work

The basis of work at AdminDone is that it has to be easy for all of us to make it happen. So, we have people to make the job easier for you at every point.

Admin Office Managers

Your friendly and professional Australian AdminDone Office Manager will be the person you will deal with at every stage.

You give your Local Office Manager your tasks and they will work with our team of virtual assistants and technical specialists operating out of their own offices, dealing with your technology, phoning, social media, writing and so on.

It is your local AdminDone Office Manager who checks the work once completed.

It will be just as if you have a full-service administration department in your business being cared for by your own Office Manager – but at a fraction of the cost and certainly a fraction of the hassle.


To make things easier, we offer ad hoc rates for one-off tasks and, to make it really simple for you, we also offer three different monthly packages.

Of course, we can organise a special package for those of you who want more from us each month. Our Pricing Page gives the details.

What Others Say

Prue and Brian bring a vast range of experience to the table. They have the ability to get down to the core of things, and address challenges as required

I have worked with Prue and her husband, Brian, now for over four years, in a range of assignments and activities.

Prue is a most capable, very well organised, and extremely professional.

Prue and Brian bring a vast range of experience to the table. They have the ability to get down to the core of things, and address challenges as required.

The other thing that I believe is very important, is that although Brian and Prue have excellent credentials, they also have done the “hard yards”, being business owners and co-founder of the MicroLoan Charity, so they have sat in our seat, using their skills for the betterment of others.

It is my pleasure to recommend Brian and Prue as exceptional, and I know that they will work tirelessly to achieve the outcomes desired by their clients.

David McLean
Prue has an eagle eye for detail and a sharp acumen for systemisation and efficiency

Prue has an eagle eye for detail and a sharp acumen for systemisation and efficiency. We found their experience invaluable as we worked through the operations. Prue has the ability to cut through masses of information and bring clarity and focus on what is really necessary to achieve a good outcome for everyone.

Sandra and Simon Allars
You will find the service offered attentive, efficient, and effective

You will find the service offered attentive, efficient, and effective. We are thrilled with our on-going association with Brian and Prue Keen and wish to actively encourage others to use their services as they will result in you having better and more useable documentation for your business without doubt.

Lisa Hellwege
Director and Founder of Earworx
Home January 29, 2017